How Does Assessing Your Strengths Play a Role in Your Success?

Assessing Your Strengths Can Play a Part in Having a Successful Week

Success is an interesting concept that can be defined in different ways. Ultimately, success is defined as the accomplishment of a goal or purpose. However, in our society the lines can be blurred between what is success and what we think success should be, especially when in comparison to others. As individuals, however, we define and control our own successes. If we think of it simply as a means of accomplishing a goal, then we need to consider that in order to find success we need to set realistic goals for ourselves that we know we can achieve. One of the key elements of achieving a goal is to identify our strengths, become more mindful of them, and then to assess how those strengths can be used to help us find success. We are Murk Resource and today we would like to discuss how assessing your strengths can set you up for a successful week.

Identifying Your Strengths

Not all strengths are easy to identify. Keeping an open mind as to what you consider a strength will help you to realize that you have more than you might think. Your relationships with other people and even yourself might include strengths just as much so as your talents, abilities, and skills. Be open to feedback about your strengths from other people too. Sometimes others can see more than we realize and they might be able to help you identify strengths that they have noticed about you.

The Benefits of Writing down Your Strengths

Writing anything down can be a helpful tool. When you write something down, it can help keep you motivated, it allows you to think at a higher level about that thing, and it can help you recognize the process of your own emotions and the pathway to achieving your goals. The same goes for your strengths. Writing your strengths down on paper can help to reiterate them in your brain and it can give you reassurance that you have those strengths.

Thinking Mindfully About Your Strengths

Once you have identified your strengths and begun writing them down regularly, you will be in a better state of mind. There are even health benefits of positive thinking, so not only will it help you to achieve your goals, but it could even help you to live a longer and healthier life! As you begin to think more mindfully about your strengths you can begin to assess them in your head and determine how to best utilize these strengths in order to achieve the realistic goals that you have set for yourself. Think about how you can incorporate these strengths into your daily life and the day-to-day activities that you do.

For example, if your goal is to have a better attitude at work, perhaps you (or others) have identified patience as a strength of yours. Let’s say you deal with customers at work, you can start to take a deep breath and smile and exemplify more patience when dealing with a difficult customer. This will lead to you having a better attitude overall and will help you to achieve the realistic goal that you set out for yourself of having a better attitude at work.

Reflecting on a Successful Week

One of the secrets to setting goals is to set many smaller goals. Even if you have one larger goal, such as losing 100 pounds, you can set smaller goals every week, such as losing 5 pounds, and even smaller daily goals of exercising for 30 minutes and avoiding junk food. Whatever your goal is, using these smaller goals as stepping stones to the end goal is a very helpful practice.

It is important to remember that success doesn’t happen all at once. You won’t lose 100 pounds overnight, so it is important to find smaller successes throughout the week by using your strengths to your advantage. After a successful week or accomplishing goals, you should think back and reflect on that week. Think positively. Write down your emotions. Rewrite your strengths. Set new goals. Find new ways to use your strengths. You can achieve anything that you set your mind to and change your life just by identifying and assessing your strengths!

Find Your Strength Today!

Murk Resource is your ally and we are here to help you identify your strengths. If you are ready to unleash your own strengths from within to achieve your goals this year, then send us a message to get started! You can also give us a call at (847) 662-8044. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to make 2022 your strongest year yet!

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