Personal Empowerment and the Power to Change Your Reality


Start Changing Your Reality


When talking about changing one’s reality, we often speak about the actions we take in more of a physical sense. However, what’s actually more effective and important is changing the way you think. By changing your thoughts you can change your reality.

Sounds simple right?

Not quite. 

If you’re going to change your reality with your thoughts, it’s important that you do this in a specific way.  This specific form of thinking is referred to as coherent intention.

In order to achieve this, there are a few steps you should be taking and some things you should understand about how to set coherent intentions.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Being positive, while very powerful, requires some focus as well. Here are some things that you should be practicing in addition to thinking positively and applying your coherent intentions. 

  1. Focus on the same thing every day.
  2. Believe fully in your thoughts
  3. Match your actions to your thoughts 
  4. Conduct your life in a way that is truly in line with your thoughts

Now that you have these tips in mind, where do we start? 

The Most Important First Step You’ll Ever Take

Before focusing your efforts on where you want to go or what you want to do with your life, it’s important to recognize what brings you peace. Consider what makes you tick. What drives you toward negative places such as anger and frustration?

Recognizing what triggers us to go to these negative spaces will allow us to face it head-on and create a plan to counter these negativities.

  1. Identify what brings you peace
  2. Recognize your ticks and triggers
  3. Make a plan

Considering these things that make you excited, that makes you feel passionate while also knowing what could hold you back will allow you to constantly think about how to put your plan into action.

Take Things Day by Day, then Week by Week, Month by Month


As you begin to focus on your plan, your future, and what you want, take everything in stride. Not every day will be a good day but what’s most important is how you react. Take control of your thoughts in a positive way that allows you to move forward, even when your negative thoughts threaten to hold you back. 

Each day will require you to put forth more than just positive thoughts, it requires positive action. By focusing on your goals, you can focus on your future but more importantly, you intentionally focus on your present, thus changing your reality. 

Start Changing Your Reality Today

As humans, we tend to have invasive thoughts that tend to hold us back from taking chances on ourselves. It’s natural and it’s a part of the process. Understanding that it’s never too late to make your dreams your reality is one of the most beautiful aspects of life. Start changing your thoughts, and applying your actions, and you’ll start seeing your entire reality and life change all around you.

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