5 Ways to Challenge Yourself in 2021

In 2020, we were all challenged in ways that we couldn’t have expected and in ways that were out of our control. In 2021, we are getting back to normal and things are in our own hands again. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to stop challenging ourselves! You should always challenge yourself to be the best that you can be, this year more than ever: keep the momentum from last year going. At Trinity Universal Center, Inc. we promote self-empowerment, along with healing and relationship building. Here is our list of 5 great ways to challenge yourself this year.

Read New Books

Reading is a great way to challenge yourself. It’s difficult to find the time and to stick with one book to the end, but it is very rewarding when you take the time to read and finally finish a book. You can try reading one book a month and change up the genre: read a fantasy book one month for entertainment, and read a self-help book the next month to learn a few things. Need some suggestions? Check out our store where you’ll find some great books!

Write down Your Thoughts

Writing down your thoughts sounds like an easy task, but sometimes it can be difficult. Whether you want to start keeping a daily journal, or if you want to write letters to friends, family, or even yourself, or whether you want to write creatively, it is a good personal development practice to put pen to paper. Not only is this a good stimulant for your brain, but it can also help clear your mind if you write down your thoughts. If you like to write, check out our Pen or Pencil: Writing a New History Program.

Exercise Once Per Day

Exercise plays a big role in both physical and mental health. Even if it isn’t a vigorous workout and you just go for a leisurely walk, there are many benefits to it. The fresh air and sunlight are both wonderful for your mind and body. Exercise strengthens your heart and even improves your overall circulation. Exercise also helps to improve your sleep and reduce your stress and anxiety. While you may not always be motivated beforehand, you will always feel accomplished afterwards, making exercise one of the best self-empowerment techniques. Challenge yourself to exercise once every day, but switch up the exercises and have fun with it!

Connect with Your Friends

Life slips away from all of us, and we get busy. When we get busy, we often lose touch with people and don’t make time for them. The truth is, we usually have free time, we just exhaust ourselves and then use our free time for ourselves instead of for connecting with friends. Challenge yourself to connect with old friends and to make time for the ones you’re still close with. It may be difficult at first, but the payoff will be rekindled friendships and you will be happier for it. There are many relationship building techniques to strengthen your relationships, but the first step is to simply connect. Learn more about us and how we can help you with relationship-building.

Narrow Your Focus

It can be challenging sometimes to balance our various interests and hobbies. You might dabble with one thing and then the next, but you never focus on any one thing for very long. Challenge yourself to narrow your focus onto one specific goal or hobby or interest. The most successful people at any given thing tend to dedicated most of their time to that specific thing. Enhance your personal development and become an expert at the interest you are most passionate about, instead of a novice in a variety of things. Trying to do this might help you realize what it is you are most and truly passionate about, and that narrowed focus will allow you to dedicate enough time into that thing to become successful.

Contact Us for Help with Your Personal Development

We are happy to chat with you about your goals and our personal development courses! Contact the Trinity Universal Center today to get in touch with us and to learn some great self-empowerment techniques. We offer a variety of online classes, lectures, workshops, and programs for youth and adults who are trying to heal from their wounds and take back their lives. Now is the time for healing, so contact us today!

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